Muppet Tests 1979

I really enjoyed watching these.



What I’ve been working on lately..

These are some of the animations that I made this semester. One is a final product, the other is an excerpt from a film that I am still working on.


Good bye, Annie dog.

We lost a good friend today. Good bye, my pet. We will miss you.

I’ll always think of you every time I crunch on ice, and how you’d stick your bottom in the air whenever you ate a treat. When I dress, I’ll think of how you ate my underwear. I’ll always remember that guilty face. I’ll remember how sweet you were to old Pete when you’d clean behind his ears. You were a good girl, little Annie.

Good bye, Annie dog.

Super Mario Bros.

Classic, right? No one will argue. Its the best game ever.

Check out how German animator, Surfap, likes to play the game:

Two things that I love about this film is a) he knows all the short cuts in the game, and b) I’m getting excited watching it as if I’m playing it! I’m actually worried about Mario. Its great. Oh and one more thing I love about this film, IT IS FREAKIN SUPER MARIO BROS! Nice job, Surfap.

All Terrain Armored Transports make the best dogs

Or at least that is what filmmaker Patrick Boivin thinks. Check out this video.

The artist’s comments: ‘When I was a kid, there are two things I wanted badly and never got… A real dog and a Kenner AT-AT Walker.”

Here is the making of “AT-AT Day Afternoon” video:

Pig Me

I really am enjoying the character animation and character designs in this film. I’m currently working on a story about a flying pig, so I found this film refreshing in regards to my story. Enjoy!

This film was made by Rebecca Bang Sørensen, Ditte Gade, Marie Louise Højer Jensen, Israel Hernandez and Mette Tange at The Animation Workshop in Denmark.

Roy Iddan

Here is your formal introduction to Roy Iddan: